Hi there!

I’m James Howdy, the mastermind behind this website about fictional detectives (hahaha), but speaking more truthfully about who I really am; I’m just a regular guy who happens to enjoy more than anything in the world, fictional mystery stories with a dash of witty humor (I know! quite specific, right?), so I felt like writing about any TV show, movie or book related to it for those of you who find this genre interesting as well. As for my daily life, I must say that even though I’m not a private detective (and could never be, since my senses are not that sharp), I make a living out of being a history teacher, which includes other two things that I deeply enjoy. On my spare-time I also play the guitar and write shorts stories, just for fun and stress relieving, of course! By now you probably have a good idea of the kind of person I am. I truly appreciate that you’ve taken the time on reading a little more about me, thank you!

Hopefully you’ll enjoy reading these posts as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them, plus you can also share some thoughts about them on the comments below each one. With nothing left to say, let’s keep looking for new mysteries!