Adrian Monk – Monk

Adrian Monk is a different kind of private detective. Originating on the television show named for him, Monk, he is a former homicide detective for the San Francisco Police Department, and now he works as a private police consultant on homicides in the area. He also suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder which plays a large part in his life as a detective. Monk, played by Tony Shalhoub, also suffers from multiple phobias and after it was discovered that his wife was murdered, both of these conditions got worse, which led to him getting suspended and becoming a consultant.
Adrian Monk is of Welsh background and was brought to television in 2002. His background is different and varied for a private detective in modern day life. He had a wife who was killed in a car bomb attack that he felt was for him. Because of this, his already heightened OCD got worse, and he was discharge from the police department for psychological reasons. After that, he started consulting for the police department, while still investigating his own case of finding out who it was that killed his wife.
After years of his own investigating, and small pieces of clues along the way, he was able to find the person responsible for killing his wife, bringing him some closure to a long lasting case.
Because of all of his phobias and his OCD, he must rely on other people to drive him around and get things for him that he cannot do himself. He relies on many personal assistants who are there with wipes to clean surfaces that he feels needs to be clean and other things like that. Despite his problems, he is still a very good detective and is able to solve the crimes that he becomes a consultant for.
Monk was said to be based off of a few other fictional private detectives, one of which was Sherlock Holmes. He was sharp in his details and observation, which gave him the ability to get down to the bottom of the case. He even has some foundation in the creator of Monk the character, David Hoberman, who is also a sufferer of obsessive compulsive disorder. What is great about Adrian Monk is that anyone can see that despite your imposed limitations, it is entirely possible to still be able to live your life and do a lot of good in the world, no matter what.